Paris October 4th 2008 : French associations will mobilise for the second time to demonstrate against a law planned to deploy massive wind farms around the country: 

On October 6th 2007, more than 1,500 members of French local and national associations together with elected officials came from all around France to demonstrate against the scandalous and unjustified wind farms. A delegation made its case to the minister of the Environment. To this day, despite its promises, the State has still not honoured its commitments. One year later, with contempt to basic democracy, there is the risk that the wind farm lobby will succeed in pushing through a crazy programme, 

The Grenelle Law of the Environment proposed to Parliament on October 2008 = a charge to tax payers of 2.5 billion euros per year for 25,000 MW from wind power, which equates to between 10,000 and 15,000 giant windmills throughout France. 

Covering France for 25,000 MW of wind power would provide only a small amount of extra electricity, would not decrease CO2 emissions significantly but would profoundly alter the cultural heritage of the country. This is a complete contradiction to the economic, social and environmental principles of Sustainable Development. 

In order to expose this strategic error, which also threatens the purchasing power of the French people, our group will hold a protest march on October 4th from Place Denfert-Rochereau to boulevard Saint-Germain via boulevard Raspail.

The blog for this demonstration : 

Call to European Associations : 

To coincide with the 2nd French national demonstration against wind farms we invite all European Associations, fighting the same battle in their countries, to compose together a press release for the attention of the European Council :


If you are able to come, we invite you to an international meeting that could take place before our demonstration on the morning of October 4th 2008 in Paris. Most importantly, don’t forget to transfer this mail to all the anti-wind farm associations you know in your country.

Call to Associations around the World:

To coincide with the 2nd French national demonstration against wind farms we invite all associations outside of Europe, fighting the same battle in their countries, to send a message that will be published on our blog.